Who we are

We build with environmental friendly energy efficient, economic, sustainability and innovative 3ESI Building Panels. Our panels are tested in the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, New Zeeland, South America and Just started in Canada with tests. 3ES Builders Inc. Is specialized in building objects such as: Residential, Commercial and light Industrial with the 3ESI Building Panels. We are manufacturers, distributors, trainers and installers of the 3ESI Building Panels. The direct market for us are Canada, USA and Mexico. Objects built with 3ESI Building Panels are HURRICANE PROOF.

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3ESI Builders stands for


Object build with our panels are at least 60% savings in energy use. We can have R- Values up to R70


Our panels are 100% recyclable and has almost 'ZERO' waste. No heavy equipment are used during installation of our panels. Styrofoam is 80% air and 20% carbon. No toxic. No need to cut trees.


We are at least 20% and up to 40% cheaper in construction than any other building concept with equivalent quality. Less labors and fast building concept and therefor less sight cost. Higher return on investment. Low to 'ZERO' maintenance cost


Last hundreds of years and every inch recyclable.


New to the Canadian market structural and insulation in one. Sound proof. Different panels for different use such as Floor panels, Exterior walls, Interior walls, Ceilings, Roof, Stairs, Pools, Basement and Fences.

Our services

Installation of Rebar Anchors

Anchor bars are normally inserted before the pouring of the foundation.

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Installation of the Panels

Thanks to their lightweight, a single operator can easily lift and place panels where required.

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Post Installation

Immediately after the placement of the panels, the perfect linearity and verticality of the walls is checked and ensured.

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Installation of the Floor Panels

Once the floor panels are placed, supported by the walls and from below, any necessary additional steel reinforcement is installed and the concrete is poured.

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Preparation for Electrical and Plumbing

A hot-air gun or torch is used to create channels in the polystyrene for the placement of switch boxes, electrical conduits, cables, pipes, etc.

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Application of Shotcrete

Both sides of the walls of the Single Panel are sprayed with shotcrete and subsequently plaster.

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We are experinced company

We view each project as our quest for unicorn

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