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We build with environmental friendly energy efficient, economic, sustainability and innovative 3ESI Building Panels. Our panels are tested in the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, New Zeeland, South America and Just started in Canada with tests. 3ES Builders Inc. Is specialized in building objects such as: Residential, Commercial and light Industrial with the 3ESI Building Panels. We are manufacturers, distributors, trainers and installers of the 3ESI Building Panels. The direct market for us are Canada, USA and Mexico. Objects built with 3ESI Building Panels are HURRICANE PROOF.

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Helping residential and commercial builders save time and money in developing energy efficient buildings, 3ES Builders uses advanced technology to manufacture prefabricated walls, floors, ceilings and staircases while offering a selection of high quality European building components (windows, floors, kitchens and doors) to create a singular turn key housing concept.


Residential home-owners and commercial office tenants are seeking energy efficient solutions to help reduce HVAC related expenses, minimize sound penetration between rooms and increase safety against fire, flood and earthquake damage. Residential and commercial builders are trying to incorporate these building preferences without compromising profit margins, building timelines or quality of materials.


3ES Builders has an exclusive license from an Italian-based equipment manufacturer to help residential and commercial builders meet and exceed the sustainable building requirements of their clients by offering a series of essential building materials that lead to a 40% savings in construction costs while reducing build time of residential dwellings from 6-8 months to 3-4 months using only 4 sub-trades. The end product offers residential home-owners an approximate 60% savings in energy costs compared with conventional new home construction building materials.

Market Opportunity

3ES Builders is targeting the $85 Trillion Canadian building industry to start. Between 2013 - 2016, housing starts in Canada increased from 187,923 to 197,915 representing a 5.3% increase. Commencing operations in Ontario where the provincial market experienced an 18.5% increase over the same period, 3ES Builders will then focus on growing operations in British Columbia (which experienced the highest provincial increase of 35.34%) before expanding into the US. The value of Canadian residential building permits approved between 2013 - 2016 saw an increase from $80.8 Trillion to $85.9 Trillion (or 5.89%) with Ontario residential building permits experiencing a 12.21% increase over the same period. With the recent cooling of the real estate market, 3ES Builders is helping to bolster the industry's supply chain by creating more affordable houses which can be constructed year-round.


While there are pre-fabricated custom home builders throughout Canada, wood frame construction still remains to be the dormient method of building materials. Instances of pre-fabricated steel frame construction have been identified, but the exterior/interior wall finish and insulation does not meet the heating/cooling/sound masking/fire proof standards that 3ES Builders stands behind.

Competitive Advantage

3ES Builders stands behind the research and development invested in its' manufacturing equipment to ensure that residential and commercial builders can take great pride in offering an energy-efficient solution that exceeds regulatory and competitor building standards at a competitive price to conventional building methods. Our no maintenance building materials cut overall construction timelines by nearly half while prolonging longevity of ones' real estate investment. The optimized soundproofing, 60 minute fire delay and improved thermal comfort in all seasons helps home owners minimize HVAC related expenses. A 1-inch 3ES panel has an R5 value.


To become the most sustainable builder of new home and commercial building construction in Canada and expand to US.